Suokkaantie 1, 32800 Kokemäki
Puh. +358 2 522 3220  •

Jarmo Aspelin

Chief Executive Officer, Aspelin Group

+358 500 632 623



Teollisuustie 18, 33960 Pirkkala
Puh. +358 3 3636 888  •

Krister Aspelin

Manager, Unit Pirkkala

+358 40 846 1791

Niina Juutilainen



Muovitie 2, PL 55, 15871 Hollola
Puh. +358 3 882 020  •

Moreenikatu 13, 53810 Lappeenranta
Puh. +358 (0) 10 423 6030  •

Emmi Häyrynen

Natalia Peltonen

Billing, customer service

010 423 6030


Jarmo Aspelin

Chief Executive Officer

Tiina Aspelin

Financial Manager

Krister Aspelin

Hel-Pack Pirkkala

Mari Anttila

Chief Financial Officer
Muovijaloste Hollola


Jouni Valkonen

Production Supervisor
Muovijaloste Hollola

+358 44 332 0221

Jouko Majanen

Muovijaloste Hollola

+358 44 332 0233

Jouko Majanen

Muovijaloste Hollola

+358 44 332 0233

Jari Palo

Maintenance and Technical
Purchases (S3)
Muovijaloste Hollola

+358 44 332 0256

Jani Koivunen

Logistics and Warehouse
Hel-Pack Pirkkala

+358 50 360 5890

Ari-Matti Laaksonen

Production Manager
Sataplast Kokemäki

+358 40 768 4697

Juha Kaipila

Production Supervisor
Sataplast Pirkkala

+358 50 596 4670

Why choose us?

Business that Focuses on the Customer

According to our surveys, our customers are happy with our products. This is no surprise, because customers are the baseline for all our activities. Especial accolades have been given to our customer service, which we will continue to develop even further in the future.


The packaging industry needs new products, materials and environmentally friendly solutions. We actively develop our business and help to create a society where packaging is more than just a necessity that ends up as waste immediately.

Family values

Aspelin Group is a family-owned business, and our values reflect it. We trust in the quality of Finnish work and stand firm behind our products and production. We will continue to develop our products in Finland and wish to be trailblazers in developing Finnish industry.


We wish to offer the best possible quality, both in our products and services. Continuous development and quality improvements are a part of our everyday activities. It is our wish that the top quality of today is the regular quality of the future.